1. Advanced materials and manufacturing technologies
    o Biomaterial Engineering
    o Composite Materials
    o Corrosion
    o Tribology
    o Fatigue and Fracture
    o Biomechanics
    o Mechatronics and Robotics
    o Production System and Technology
    o Others
  2. Fluid dynamics
    o Aerodynamics
    o Hydrodynamics
    o Multiphase flow
    o Turbulence
    o Others
  3. Low carbon technologies
    o Hydrogen production, storage, and systems
    o Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies
    o Direct air capture
    o Clean Fuel Technology
    o Others
  4. New & Renewable Energy
    o Electric Energy Conservation and Storage
    o Fuel cells
    o Battery, Electricity storage
    o Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric devices
    o Renewable Energy & Energy Harvesting
    o Energy Carrier and Storage
    o Others
  5. Machinery and Machine Design
    o Turbomachinery
    o Structural Dynamics
    o Vibration Control
    o Automotive Engineering
    o Unmanned Vehicle
    o RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintenance & Safety)
    o Product Engineering
    o Others
  6. Biomedical Engineering
  7. Thermodynamics and Thermal Energy Conservation
    o Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning
    o Heat and Mass Transfer
    o Applied Thermal Energy
    o Desiccant System
    o Combustion Engine
    o Others
  8. Advanced Industrial and manufacturing system
  9. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  10. Information Technology & Computer Science
  11. Agriculture Engineering
  12. Marine Engineering
  13. Others